Welcome all WOKwiki lovers!

During 2016 WOK introduced WOKwiki in selected countries over the World. To the first year Anniversary, WOKwiki app has now changed its name to WikiMaster.

Everyday the app gets better and better. We have trimmed functions, backend speed, overall performance, cross platform chats, design issues and improved the app tremendously over the first launch year. WOKwiki was never a good name since you needed to repeat it everytime you told someone what app to download. So we found WikiMaster so much better. On Jan 15, 2017 we will change the name WOKwiki in Google Play and introduce WikiMaster in AppStore. 

Its not a dramatic change for our early adopters. Its a small step for WOKers but a huge leap for the Internet and Wikipedia community that we think will find us much more easy. We will introduce WikiMaster in many more countries during 2017! 

Welcome to WOK in 2017 with WikiMaster in your smartphone or tablet to have the best Wikipedia and quiz experience!  

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