WikiMaster 1.80 for iOS in AppStore launched

 During the first year of WOK the app name in AppStore was WOKwiki, but now we move on into 2017 with the new name WikiMaster. Now launched and released in version 1.80

WikiMaster add the dimension of fun with social network, the game dimension with the excitement of learning right in your hand. 

If Wikipedia is articles, WikiMaster is the schoolbooks with control questions in the end of the chapters to check that knowledge got stuck.

The 1.80 version of WikiMaster for AppStore is the first version that is open in many countries after our first Anniversary as the World of Knowledge.

For the early adopters and woker fans of the app WOKwiki in 2016: the upgrade difference from 1.79 to 1.80 is
- Added Swedish language in full of the User Interface
- Added Arabic Localization of UI in full of the User Interface

We welcome you to a great name of a great app in 2017.

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