Take a Snapshot and send in chat in WikiMaster 3.10

The new great version 3.10 version for Android released on Jan 22 and the quick smaller update 3.10.1 released on Jan 24 under our new appname WikiMaster (->old WOKwiki is now WikiMaster!) was filled with good news for our growning numbers of WOKers! Download for Joy!

- The loading of wiki images in Home improved for much faster speed. You will feel it when you toogle on Latest to Latest HD
- Implemented Me vs Average graph after Take Quiz
- Improved Head to Head graph after challenges with toggle to Average comparison
- New Chat function: Snapshot any screen over app and paste on chat.
- When you write a chat message and leave chat and then comeback: WikiMaster now remember your message unsent.
- Alert a question now send a screenshot to the creator of the question. (3.10.1)
- Now Personal Quizzes can be taken with the images shown.
- Share in Head to Head now back to work.
- 70000 questions with image mark passed! This illustrations makes the play so much more fun! 
- Full swedish menu as an option to english and arabic: Nu även helt på svenska i menyerna

Thanks for the dedication and feedback and Joy playing quiz and challenges in WikiMaster. Welcome to WOK!

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