Wikipedia Search enhanced in 3.12 version in Google Play

A new update of WikiMaster is out in Google Play in version 3.12!
The main function enhancement is in Search Wikipedia that have been improved to fill our own mission target of being the best Wikipedia app on the mobile withpout even mention the quizzes we added.
Search Wikipedia from the Footer menu
a. remembers Last sent search you made on any devices, making multiple entry login possible for this function.  
b. Dobleclic on Wiki Search in Footer menu give you the autosearch from last entry. So if search was Game of Thrones: You can easily find which article (and season) you like to read and quiz about without typ Game of Thrones again.
c. Third clic give you a random selection of Wikipedia articles.
d. When you are in a middle of creating a question or in Review mode or in an article: You can use the Burger menu Wikipedia search auto function whre your last entry is giving you simular articles from Wikipedia.

When you clic right of Search: You will limit your search in Wikipedia to articles where WOKers have entered quizzes.
Next clic on Search symbol give tou the option to find a WOKer you like to play with.
So search in Wikipedia is now at the level we want to have to be the best in the market. 
Feel free to give your opinion if we succeded. 

Other issues in this version include: 
- Fixed Snap not display on gallary. Take a snapshot by hold 3 seconds on the Top Bar not only give you the option to clic in chat, but give you a snapshot to use in social media elsewhere by having it saved in the Gallery. 
- Numerous small issues in enhancements, bugs, design and speed in our firm determination to enhance the wokers experiance. (See long list below) 
Enjoy your download! 
/Team WikiMaster Android. 

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Our internal notes from the progress since 3.11 is below: 
v3.12 alpha progress:
    v3.12.a12 Implemented F2/HSS
    v3.12.a11 make F2/HSS accept duplication WOker history.
    v3.12.a11 f2 history pagination sqlite db.
    v3.12.a11 F2 toggle task enhancements,
    v3.12.a10 Created SQLite schema structure for 2nd level cache on client side, for achive items, like F2 history per user etc,.., Improved F2 history,last cache and random loop.
    v3.12.a10 Fixed F2/Bmenu cache after select item.
    v3.12.a8 Fixed F2 issue.
    v3.12.a7 finished EOT task Issue #123
    v3.12.a6 before update EOT pager
    v3.12.a6 EOT progress.
    v3.12.a6 first run settings reference fixed.
    v3.12.a7 Fixed landing question count add (0) end of API for all languages.
    v3.12.a7 Fixed CI not working with all quizzes taken only some quizzes success, when graph swipe left to review.
    v3.12.a7 Fixed FB CI switch tabs users disappear
    v3.12.a7 Fixed CI invite from facebook, if i searched , app crashes
    v3.12.a7 Fixed background Memory Leaks.
    v3.12.a6 EOT 5 sec no action with no clic on Go : Make FMenu visable as when clic X (smooth transition to remove the lower bar. (To give more options if W1 does not get to Go),if still no action 5 sec with no action: Go to W1A
    v3.12.a6 EOT Major changes on badge animation for memory&performance enahncements, EOT zoom coin,badges,landing, filling woker circle progress, Any break stop the circle and park the cars.
    v3.12.a6 Fixed EQ language flag cut on large screen, EOT badge animation memory&performce enhanced.
    v3.12.a6 Fixed LQ pull from top to refresh bug.
    v3.12.a6 Graph speed up the animation in H2H, and skip Fmenu show more animation.
    v3.12.a6 If I set language to swedish in settings, or in LQ left of search CQ1 shall have swe as default language:a. Draft question on CQ1 keep old language.b. Come from Wikipedia screen, remember tag name and langauge, c. Else Update CQ1 language based on Quiz langauge- If updated from settings or LQ ==> it's the same global.
    v3.12.a5 release to GP alpha.
    v3.12.a5 CQ spin badge for all screens with text.
    v3.12.a5 Implemented CQ badge Issue #76. EOT badges layout enhancement.
    v3.12.a4 Implemented Fmenu show/hide more animation, H2H,W1A graph animation.
    v3.12.a4 release to alpha.
    v3.12.a4 Fixed wikimaster icon placeholder when load image failed.
    v3.12.a4 Fixed MEN CH lost issue.
    v3.12.a4 Fixed CQ wiki change Q language update hint text.
    v3.12.a4 Fixed CQ from wiki crash, CQ1,CQ1 wiki open image focus to 1st image when RTL.
    v3.12.a3 fixed CQ cache not saved Q issue.
    v3.12.a3 Enahnced LQ TagManager APIs, Bmenu search manager.
    v3.12.a3 Implemented P1 challenge/battles won only 1st then toggle won/total,percentage then open action, loop..
    v3.12 Fixed Nearby issues.
    v3.12.a3 Update NearBy Map to latest GP API.
    v3.12.a3 Refactor all Gridview to recyclerView with GridLayoutManager Wwtq,Wiki CM, FB invite grid, RQCH with WOKer popup grid.
    v3.12.a2 added Google analytics mainifest service and receivers, fixed EQ flag size issue, hide Fmenu ripple animation.
    v3.12.a2 Fixed F2.a,b,c toggle actions, F2 issue: leave keyboard hidden on all for easy toogle
    v3.12.a2 implement Google analytics GL issue #110.
    v3.12.a2 Fixed huawei tab7 Fmenu icon size, Add P1 cover pic.
    v3.12.a2 Fixed add tag loading disappear issue.
    v3.12.a2 enhanced country flags for large screens.
    v3.12.a2 updated profile cover.
    v3.12.a2 When country filter, any clic on white shall give All without go to upper right flag and Show All
    v3.12.a2 Fixed Clic on chat with someone W2 make spin infinite even if you can send, when no history!
    v3.12.a1 release to GP alpha Fixed CQ 2 fileds accept same answer
    v3.12.a1 Updated swedish words reported by EB.
    v3.12.a1  P1 3rd row: Make played won numbers in circle on 2 rows on c2 just as B1
    v3.12.a1 Fixed update settings Quiz language and back old language on LQ.
    v3.12.a1 Fixed Add tag issue reported by SS.
    v3.12.a1 Chat load updates improvements.
    v3.12.a1 Enhanced Chat snap laoding, load from local resource path if deleted or error load from WOK URL,
    v3.12.a1 fixed Server status changed from done-date to done-more and handled any later change.
    v3.12.a1 Alot of improvements made on background process while saving and sending to server to make app more smooth and faster,
    v3.12.a1 Fixed Snap not dispaly on gallary.
    v3.12.a1 Fixed chat crash,enhanced send & load chat messages handler.
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