WikiMaster introduce Tasks and Goals

WikiMaster app for Google in version 3.14, released om May 3rd 2017 had some major enhancement for WOKers!
WikiMaster introduce Tasks (1) and Goals (2) as part of enhance the user experience

WM tasks WM tasks

1. Tasks is a way to level your knowledge about the WikiMaster app to get you level up in app usage knowledge. We introduce 50 tasks on 5 levels. 
2. From your Profile you can set Goals for your Daily WOKbits for adding knowledge to your brain just as steps or calories burned in your Health app. You will see the progress on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Basis based on the input you set in Settings. 

This version is the second major update of our lift of Profile and user experiance. The last part remain and that will be a bookshelf of your Awards and Achievments. Stay tune for Awards; it will come in the next version!
As always: Tasks and Goals are fresh paint and we hope you like it and report issues found so we can trim it to be as perfect as our ambtion and app deserve! 

From the detail of the logfile from the production team you can read about a lots of small issues solved as well as the main target of Goals and Tasks  for this update. 

v3.14.a14 a. EOT badges some time not displayed when server response delayed.
v3.14.a14 Fixed settings missing state when usa after open settings, fix scoreboard country filter.
v3.14.a14 Goal progress/target, Fixed TQ design issue.
v3.14.a13 Goal issues fixed, Task popup text updated, LQ shadow padding centered.
v3.14.a12 Goal implemented,
v3.14.a12 Fixed when Challenge with Only one question and server return error, Just bypass to EOT.
v3.14.a11 update W1 info from profile ONLY when ME profile.
v3.14.a10 EOT right & left of GO flipper enhancement (AdapterViewFlipper)
v3.14.a10 Implemented profile ticks blue with actieved tasks
v3.14.a10 Fixed TCH when no CHID no need to request ACA.
v3.14.a10 Fixed TCH when server error no chid bypass to EOT screen.
v3.14.a9 Tasks screen zoom enhanced, Login token requested twoic.
v3.14.a9 Shake in last Q or in Take Quiz or Take Challenge not possible- unless shake in end to go to graph without EOT. Shake skip EOT
v3.14.a8 release to alpha, task manager run task 48 to open home, enhanaced tasks screen, connection layer debug token = null after saved..
v3.14.a8 Globle onTokenUpdated callback on connection layer implemented on WM base class to update more info like task level info, Fixed tasks info detail.
v3.14.a7 added task_id=48 validation, enhanced task validation manager.
v3.14.a7 changed signup camera icon with app color icon sent by AS.
v3.14.a7 Fixed Login init language issue, Fixed update avatar issue,
v3.14.a7 Upgrade FB sdk, handle FB App invite RTP invite number issue,
v3.14.a7 Fixed TQ give Kjell 3 question but 5 is in setting display. Can it be WM7 that change snd this info not updated.
v3.14.a6 added design T31-50, Fixed WPS address not centered,
v3.14.a4 release!
v3.14.a4 Using same device and log in from kjell to Ivan shall clean the cache in settings => Fixed, Play from ws2 shallhave blueload -> Now directly q1 => Display wiki name and icon after loaded from server,
v3.14.a4 Complete tasks screen with scroll and smooth zooming, Complete T30.
v3.14.a3 Create Q in row 1 unfold will exchange for Tasks -> White symbol in menu needed
v3.14.a3 Fixed chat issues, need to pull to see messages, Chat, every time i refresh, the last msg duplicates, archive only when saved on server.
v3.14.a3 Fixed Push notification update token issue.
v3.14.a3 When toggle in w1s and then go to w1P, reset the toogles or else you cant go back to see added tags unless you clic created and go to eq
v3.14.a3 Kjell 0Wb still

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