German questions now in WikiMaster 1.96 in AppStore

The WikiMaster quizapp continues to grow. After having quiz in english, arabic, swedish and french, WikiMaster have now added the 5th language to its bouguet of Wikipedia quizzes in the latest 1.96 version in AppStore and 3.15 version in Google Play. 

"Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win."
Gary Lineker

World of Knowledge as an abbreviation is WOK. WOK community have now created a large database of over 380000 multiple choice questions (!) connected to Wikipedia articles in WikiMaster app. Up to now we have had quizzes in four languages; English, Arabic, Swedish and French. Now we introduce the 5th: German! Begrüßen Sie unsere Frühzeitige Anwender / Early Adoptes!
Also in this 1.96 version for iOS; Improved speed, Awards improvements and design enhancements.

**News in 1.96 for AppStore on May 17. 
-Better layout for Wiki pictures listed in Latest HD
-More awards are supported
-Ability to view other WOKers' awards from their profile
-German Wikipedia articles now with questions now added in educational articles like Solar System, Chemistry and Human Body. Feel free to add more!

More to come from the app that give Wikipedia color. WikiMaster adds fun to learning and make Wikipedia an even better academic tool apart from being the trivia online heaven.

WikiMaster link in AppStore: 
WikiMaster in Google Play:

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