Quiz in WikiMaster 3.15 for Google Play introduce Awards!

WikiMaster 3.15 for Google Play is now in Google Play for download! 
We have spent the month of May to get all WOK fans the Award function! Now its finally here! Download today! 

In your Profile you can now see your achievments done in the Awards button beside Tasks and Goals. 
Awards is given for things achieved in comparison to other WOKers and for your own effort. 
In an area, in a Wikipedia page or in the amount of WOKbits achieved. 

The long list of Awards to be achieved is here to view

Enjoy the Awards!


Other improvments in 3.15 version for WikiMaster published on May 29

In WikiMaster 3.15 we have done numerous of other fixes as well from the 3.14 version that you will enjoy. 

Design issues. Language issues. Speed issues. Functionality issues. All made to fix to make the WOK user experience better!
Among them:

- Burger menu availible more easy after Challenges 
- Improved Search in Wiki
- Easier to review Taken Questions
- Add image simplified with Tab for Category and Image
- German questions added with 945 questions and availible from Language switch in Home as 5th Language availible in WOK also on Android. Herzlich Willkommen Deutch WOKers!
- Wikipedia Search now also possible for the Russian, Polish, Dutch and Hindu part of Wikipedia. Making the language extend to 15 languages. 
The technical logfile not supereasy for humans to understand locks like this with internal abbrivations. 
    v3.15.a12 Worked on improving Awards downloader&unzip model.
    v3.15.a12 Handled check for awards updates after each login (if new awards updates replace current). (Awards Server Managed Updates).
    v3.15.a12 Handled some failure cases, when Wn open Awards screen.
   v3.15.a12a. If awards not downloaded yet for any failure happend (start downloading and show progress for Wn preparing awards please wait,..) then open awards after finish.
   v3.15.a12b. If awards downloader background onprogress..(show progress for Wn preparing awards please wait,..) then open awards after finish.
    v3.15.a12 Handled Awards smart pagination on client side request,
    v3.15.a12 Handled Award zoom with click full screen.
    v3.15.a12 Handled SSL without bypassing validation, then WMA now works on new SSL certification as expect WITHOUT bypassing validation anymore.
    v3.15.a11 Implemented awards on server side comprized file, complete downloader background and unzip model
    v3.15.a11 Check a W2 Awards show W1 name in top with W1 Wb . Shall be W2 inf.
    v3.15.a11 Fixed update country when USA state not displayed, Reported by Wael.
    v3.15.a10 Fixed LQ favorites pagination, LQ conversation was not loading and fixed pagination LQ conversation/LQ WOKer who took my questions,
    v3.15.a8 release to alpha implement EOT add upper right menu button
    v3.15.a8 - Upper right corner. Put Bmenu and leave share left of Bmenu. Since we hide Fmenu, this would be good
    v3.15.a8 Fixed It take to long time to get scoreboard
    v3.15.a8 Implemented (If only one Ch or Qz, LQz is not a step to display. Junp directly from Wiki Eye
    v3.15.a8 Fixed wikipedia spanish wiki issue.
    v3.15.a7 Enhanced LQ server connectio to adapter for more smooth server requests, Fixed sometimes LQ not displayed!
    v3.15.a7 Implemented Latest in small rows: Add Favorites as in Me and Wiki Search
    v3.15.a7 Fixed LQ update language not update LQ tags
    v3.15.a7 Fixed lack while get Device ID to update FCM token on WOK DB,
    v3.15.a7 Fixed GP reported leak when wifi/net switch on/off
    v3.15.a7 fixed location picker
    v3.15.a7 fixed location displayed after delay on settings
    v3.15.a6 Implemented Nice Picker for update country/state/city and remove unused modules
    v3.15.a6 Fixed Add image/category for RQ and EQ
    v3.15.a6 Fixed open settings from Fmenu alias missing,
    v3.15.a6 Image/Category updator
    v3.15.a6 Fixed If I change only First Name: I shall be able to do that: Now I have to change both First and Last and change in one without Change the other does not reflect
    v3.15.a4 release to alpha
    v3.15.a4 Fixed EQ top circle size on tap too large
    v3.15.a4 Fixed RQ/RMQ total Qs
    v3.15.a4 Fixed RQ all questions when more that 10, was need to add quiz size and server enabled pagination.
    v3.15.a4 Hide print msg from server with status done, until server to be ready.
    v3.15.a4 Implemented First time WF2 is used popup, Fixed Fmenu review show taken not created questions, Implemented first time review questions popup.
    v3.15.a3 updated follower to A2.7, fixed task2 with camera when W1 has no avatar
    v3.15.a3 Fixed settings more info not displayed reported by SS.
    v3.15.a3 update W1 WOKers to A2.7
    v3.15.a3 Complete refactoring depend on fragment on startActivityForResult rather than baseActivity
    v3.15.a3 Major change make startActivityForResult from fragment to depend on fragment not activity,. need validation
    v3.15.a3 Fixed Settings update location not working.
    v3.15.a3 Fixed TQ design for tab,
    v3.15.a2 Add author & level awards,
    v3.15.a2 Fixed quiz language on start issue reported by SS,
    v3.15.a2 Fixed profile blurry issue, Display max size but not more to avoid distortion if uploaded with low res
    v3.15.a1 release to alpha with awards progress.
    v3.15.a1 Clic on pen and Set daily goal shall bring Day to MBC as in WM7
    v3.15.a1 B menu upper right corner missing in Goals > Bmenu added on settings
    v3.15.a1 LQ language Home for change both, After switch langusge in menu, tab change -》 stay in same tab, Tasks remove bottom btns above Fmenu.
    v3.15.a1 rename resources, add swedish translation for Goal
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