WikiMaster 1.99 in AppStore now with Home button Improvements

AppStore was ultraquick in approving version 1.99 after 1.98 version of WikiMaster for iOS was approved. We managed to get a small but important uplift in the short space between versions on the Home button apart from improvning Award and shrink appsize from 68Mb to 45Mb. 

"Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are. "
Alan Alda

Introduction of new functionality is like fresh paint. But in app development you dont sit and wait for it to dry. You find issues after release and fix them quickly. The Awards in WikiMaster is a large issue with so many wokers playing and it needs to be optimised. So two days after 1.98 release we already have improved the Awards to be better handled in this update. Also: Discover how clever we solved the Home button views when you double and tripple clic on Latest Popular and Me.

**1.99 News
-Home Footer button will toggle list into list Rows, Grid or tiny rows on all tabs. If you toogle in Home you will keep same view in Latest, Popular/ Added and Me (Quizzes/ Challenges/ Favorites). This is way better than before in our opinion.
-Awards repetition bug in 1.98 fixed
-Fixed Bug of missing tag name when challenging random WOKer in random Wiki
-Fixed bug of missing WOKer opponents pictures when playing
-Optimising App size from 68 Mb to 45 Mb to Reduce size for faster download and more space on device.
-Server Side solution for Awards implemented.

New Awards will from now on be added from Server side without need for App Update. See the Awards in the list here. .

PS. We apologize for having an SSL issue on May 25 causing WikiMaster on Appstore not to work during this day. Happy to see the addiction to learning so strong causing your reaction to send us notice on our supportmail. Sending our knowledge love from WOK team Production DS.

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