Home button improved in WikiMaster 2.0 for iOS that makes Wikipedia even better

WikiMaster 2.0 quizapp for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad is out. Enjoy the improved Home Button function to see all tabs in Home in different views with the setting set in one, two or three clic in Home in the Footer menu. 

 "Where people are free to learn, to share, to explore, to feel and dream, liberty grows. This is why library matters so much. It is a democratizing force like none other"

Margaret Atwood 

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia holding up the world facts for most people on earth today being one of the most trusted source of information . 
Its the rock in the turbulence of alternative facts. 
WikiMaster is Wikipedia refined. Its an upgrade of Wikipedia. We have the "small" and outspoken ambition of being "Wikipedia 2.0". 
We are the cousin of Wikipedia but not "within Wikipedia". 
No matter how Wikipedia is consumed: Knowledge matters. Learning is a lifelong process. Learning has to be fun. 

Enjoy the 2.0 version of WikiMaster for the iOS devices!

News in 2.0 
(in 1.99 -> 2.0)
- Refactoring pressing on Latest in Home making view even simpler.
- Fixed a blue line design issue in animation in end of Taken quizzes and challenges
- Fixed profile WOKbits issue not displayed in Profile at first clic
- Fixed iPad design issue of "Get more WOKbits" After load the text and pic are not to close to the border 
- Enhanced speed of Animation after quizzes for better feel. 
- Make Personal Quizzes and Favorites swap place in popup for Me when press 3 sec

Thanks Apple for speed up the Approval Process. Welcome to WOK in June 2017!

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