Success with Quiz on Wikipedia in AppStore continues

WikiMaster app continue to improve in AppStore. Version 2.11 is the third release in June. Among many improvments it lets newly arrived WOKers get a easier start and lets you search for your friends faster.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe"

Small issues and bug fix in this update.

** New in 2.11
- More design finetuning in Awards by removal of bookshelf and grey empty awards and display all Awards once
- Easier quizzes for first Time WOKers not getting slammed by Ranga for a softer start as WOKer.
- Popups that show once will reset when logout
- German images bug when added during Create question step 4/5 fixed
- Take Challenge first time in Me now trigger a Challenge and not a random wiki
- In Search Wikipedia: now display results with green number of article with questions and hide zero number making the articles with Qs stand out better
- Fixed Footer menu chat when Search for WOKer. Clic on Search field triggered Search wiki and not Search WOKer without use of Search magnifier
- Fixed issue with State in USA added earlier ending up as city
- Fixed City in Scoreboard now display City Scoreboard and not World.

Please join and play the Knowledge Network WOK. Its free. Its fun. Its Wikipedia improved. Our vibe attracts the tribe of WOKers.

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