WikiMaster app 3.16 with Awards for WOKbits earned in a Wikipedia article

In version 3.16 of WikiMaster app released on June 13 we made lots of fixes. Home view is now even more simple to use when you toogle between tabs saving the format set when you doubleclic or trippleclic on the Home button. And Awards improved. 

For example: We added more Awards after the success with the new Reward system introduced in 3.15. You can now get Awards for achieve amount of WOKbits in a single Wikipedia article. Or for other apps in WOK universe of apps, like WikiFlip. We fixed old chat load issue maing old message disappear in view. We made many small but vital trim to the WOKer feel of experience as you can see below.

And wokers added a lot of new content of good questions in five language and played more this week than ever before! The germans are coming! For the spanish and portugese WOKers; Please find some questions in these languages as well for our sneak preview! Please also read about Muskaan

Our Technical notes from Production team making the app better since 3.15 on June 4: Logfile. 
v3.16.a8 Fixed update avatar not shown.
v3.16.a8 Fixed end TQ/TCH EOT crash.
v3.16.a7 Fixed chat missing by cache issue, stop cache until enhace sync with multi plafrom., awards zoom 1 in a row, profile W1p/w2p click flag open scoreboard country filter.
v3.16.a7 added new designed awards
v3.16.a7 Fixed LQ tags duplication issue.
v3.16.a7 Fixed EOT crash back while opening graph from a6 alfa.
v3.16.a7 RQ: Pic to display WikiCommons, added extra info from client side will work after server return pic_info
v3.16.a6 Implemented RQ image preview RQ: Pic to display WikiCommons, Extra info needs server side support,
v3.16.a6 implemented LQMQ TMQ,RMQ,Whtmq, Fixed NW empty F2 display 10 random.
v3.16.a6 Implemented Subject/added MQ
v3.16.a6 implemented LQ popular MQ
v3.16.a6 implemented LQ Latest MQ.
v3.16.a6 Implemented NW popups Chat,Favorites
v3.16.a5 Fixed 10 chat msg on fmenu but no chats when open > update chats count after open chats
v3.16.a5 Added new awards small size on client side > wiki_wb_1000 > wiki_wb_5000 > wiki_wb_20000 > wiki_wb_50000
v3.16.a5 merge v3.15.alpha
v3.16.a5 Fixed picker selector for small devices
v3.16.a5 wiki_default awards when missing resource.
v3.16.a5 Awards set default scale without flashing, bypass grey awards when no resource either on client side or server.
v3.16.a4 EOT open bmenu badge ontop, > shall be under menu
v3.16.a3 awards improvements, fixed zooming and proportion issues.
v3.16.a3 Fixed Wb under circle bad design, LQHD enhanced.
v3.16.a2 LQ toggle keep current status when switch between LQ tabs,
v3.16.a2 Implemented tasks virtcal scrolling and pinch in/out like Awards much better (Zoom in/out) old was too slow when zooming, MIN 4 in a row, Max 10 in a row, Fixed wiki Left menu Buttons in swedish to adjust text to smaller if language translation make it to long instead of 2 rows.
v3.16.a2 Languages all flags - add missing flag after AS design.>
v3.16.a2 Implemented Awards pinch in/out

v3.16.a2 - Show no nominator value. Just 19 and 2, Remove 31 and 6 in Scoreboard Unfold.
v3.16.a1 Fixed Swipe left go from RQZ to Q1 seem not to work on TM710 . almost of swipe left/right was not working on latest alpha versions > Fixed
v3.16.a1 Awards zoom with server info you achieved award on achieved date.
v3.16.a1 Fixed W1p,W2p WM logo blurry while displaying Wn avatar.
v3.16.a1 Fixed W1S buttom circles cut text on large screens, fixed W2S buttons size left right awards, Awards low res on client side then high resolution download on background and smoothly update WITHOUT popup with progress anymore.

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