Question Graph introduced in Wiki Master 3.17

Now you can see your results in a single question compared to all other WOKers in a graph. You can compare your input and WOKbits with all entries from other wokers in WikiMaster, WikiFlip and Quiz King app in the Knowledge Network WOK. And see the average and median score.

Clic on the image of you or your opponent to view the graph and a graph below will show. A small but cool feuture. When you have the best results in a question on first try, your WOKbits will show in golden. When you have zero, its grey and when you have correct answer (but not best in WOK) you have the score in green on the graph.

Other enhancments in 3.17:
- Numerous crash report bugs fixed.
- Review questions in Personal Quiz (Hold 3 seconds on Me in Home to find this part) is now fixed with a bug causing the 11th question not to be reviewed after taken Personal Quiz. Some quizzes in this part is over 100 questions long, suitable for traing with MPQ ahead of test and Examina in school.
- FAQ is now availible in more languages directly from app when Settings are set to swedish, arabic and french.
- 4500 questions added since last update in many educational areas. 

Screenshot 20170630 174452

*Here below is the WikiMaster logfile from Production 3.16->3.17 fixes and updates with internal lingo. We use internal commnication on Skype and are a heavy users of Abbrivations. 
**QG is short for Question graph and used in EQ (Edit and Review Questions) and from RQ (Review a Question after a Quiz or Challenge). Its also used in WikiFlip and Quiz King since this is an universal feauture usefu whereever you use WOK.

v3.17.a6 QG enhancments 
v3.17.a5 Implemented QG on RQ/RQCH
v3.17.a4 Implemented Question graph QG - in EQ
v3.17.a4 Fixed after edit and back EQ update changes.
v3.17.a4 When server error while CQ1-6 stop span and bypass next screen, with alert toast.
v3.17.a4 Fixed Blocker - Update edits in Q and alternativez CQ1 to CQ2
v3.17.a4 Fixed MEN, Open WhTQ -》 Wiki show no questions unlike go from wiki swipe or eye, Fixed - LOG go to wiki, no Q show.
v3.17.a4 Fixed BLOCKER-Crash when take invited challenges. Will damage reputation and grade, Fixed Blocker - ROG crash
v3.17.a3 Implmented MQ challenge API.
v3.17.a3 Fixed MQ latest on landing when empty.
v3.17.a3 Fixed Challenge load update Wx crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed on display TQ/TCH answers and exit crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed TCH/TQ end crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed Settings Goal crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed Challenge loading crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed CQ1 crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed EOT open boom menu crash.
v3.17.a3 Fixed profile outofmemory crash.
v3.17.a2 Hide MQ wheel, push to alpha for validation
v3.17.a2 hide MQ wheel
v3.17.a2 Help FAQ default en for none supported(en,ar,sv) languages.
v3.17.a2 Fixed awards zoom full screen Samsung 2.
v3.17.a1 update awards zoom size for tab8
v3.17.a1 MQ wheel MC/SC enhanced > Not AS design improved then enahnce with EB feedback
v3.17.a1 Fixed Fmenu review Created Question > 0
v3.17.a1 Merged image info to connectionlayer
v3.17.a1 WikiCommon directly from wikipedia EB> Why cant we just get the info and present it without save. Like an article
v3.17.a1 Fixed MQ more than 10Q RQ duplicated, Same fix for Normal quiz.

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