WikiMaster 3.18 now in Spanish

First update post summer vacation and post Wikimania 2017 in August with numerous issues fixed and an overhaul of Personal Quizzes. Spanish language both in the menu and in quizzes now an option.

In August we have been working hard on finishing the Personal Quizzes (MQ) who was in need for an overhaul and this version is a first big step step in this direction. MQ is still in "fresh paint" but we removed the beta so this is a first release!

Hold 3 second on Me in Home and you will get a new menu for Personal Quizzes! When you want to get personal quizzes created by WOKers who choose their own questions from Wikipedia articles (and later will be sent to a group, WOKer friends, public or to yourself for later use) in a classroom or ahead of a test. It is a first version since the old code is overhauled but we wanted to let you know of our new function so we kept it in there with a little hidden way to get there" along some updates of all other fixes and Spanish with this version. 

You can also Search within an Wikipedia article for WOKers instead of just scroll WOKer you want to challenge. 

Review Questons had a new updated synmbols so you can see the graph and logfile for transparency of the history of question development. 

We are also in the making of review the Terms of Service to be better aligned with Wikipedia Creative Common 4.0 licenses which is in a high demand from the Wikimedians who demand Open Source. This is expected in upcoming version in September with some assistance from Wikipedia Foundation. 

So for now: Enjoy the Spanish questions and menus translated! Vamos!
Enjoy the Search in Wikipedia article!
And enjoy the new verions of Personal Quizzes! 
Along with all the expandning content and functionality from previosly versions! 

From production team developers log files: 

v3.17 to v3.18 progress:
v3.18.a15 Implemented MQ Wwtq.
v3.18.a14 Implemented MQ result search
v3.18.a14 Fixed MQ creators afer sstop search rest data.
v3.18.a14 Not cache MQ next page URL if abort without submit any Qs.
v3.18.a13 Fixed MQ review H2H graph added quiz displayed info
v3.18.a13 Fixed MQ review H2H graph, Fixed review questions from graph index with pagination,
v3.18.a13 Fixed MQ Question review all quiz Qs with pagination,
v3.18.a13 Fixed MQ EOT glassification WB,
v3.18.a13 Implemented MQ H2H api, EQ improved, Fixed MQ abort cache next page, taken question, qzid.
v3.18.a12 EQ design improved based on EB,
v3.18.a12 EQ design enhanced!
v3.18.a12 Implemented MQ creators search WOKer,
v3.18.a12 Implemented MQ searh text,cid,scid cert API.
v3.18.a11 Implemented MQ-Me quizzes screen logic.
v3.18.a11 Implemented MQ timedOut cache taken questions with next page url,
v3.18.a10 Fixed switch between Library & result refresh data, reported result API author issue.
v3.18.a10 MQ category The pointers shall also move and feel like a fortune wheel.
v3.18.a10 Fixed chat not displayed, improve MQ category SC rotation, Fixed Hold 3 sec on graph symbol will geg the old woker who took question.
v3.18.a10 Fixed - back from SC list shall go to MC SC. Now Categorh SC go to Library.
v3.18.a10 remove beta from MQ title
v3.18.a10 Fixed chat crash.
v3.18.a9 fixed a8 issues,
v3.18.a8 Fixed MQ ctaegory wheel rotate while animate top and back.
v3.18.a8 Implemented MQ category randomize each time open tab & (toggling), fix pagination for MQ tabs,
v3.18.a8 wrapped MQ creators nested view
v3.18.a8 Implemented MQ creators
v3.18.a8 Fixed MQ review issues,
v3.18.a8 MQ category improved,
v3.18.a8 Implemented EQ wiki common history.
v3.18.a8 Progress on MQ category wheel, updated app dependencies.
v3.18.a8 Fixed MQ start/submit issues and report server side issues,
v3.18.a7 Fix
v3.18.a7 Progress MQ category SC wheel when click move top center and keep scrolling,

v3.18.a7 Fixed MQ category show/hide keyboard hide/show MQ wheel,
v3.18.a7 MQ search load more and pull from top UI callback implemented, Update MQ start/submit api with cert.
v3.18.a7 MQ Latest/Result UI callback implemented.
v3.18.a7 remove subject quiz from LQ home.
v3.18.a7 fixed swedish translations., Implemented MQ base fragment UI view to share common MQ functions (search,..etc)., Implemented search on Latest/Results tabs.
v3.18.a7 Fixed Tag Wx search issue.
v3.18.a6 Implemented search WOKers who took quiz WwtQ screen,
v3.18.a6 Added Spanish translation of app menus,

v3.18.a6 fixed RQ datetime instead of time is already shown with an answer.
v3.18.a6 progress on MQ implemented beta version. Stil in beta but progress with tabs for an upgrade.
v3.18.a5 Fixed splash Login splash freeze when no internet connection.,Fixed Bmenu search text not fully displayed,
v3.18.a5 enhanced WSW/WSQ search toggle.
v3.18.a5 Enhanced LSA msg shown only once implemented WikiSearchInterface.
v3.18.a5 Improved signup process register Wn (Unknown WOKer)  upload an avatar on background login Wn as faster show loading on W1 avatar on the menu until finish uploading display avatar.
v3.18.a5 Fixed Uploaded a pic when signup and not uploaded and task not achieved and I've to upload it again issue #129 #128
v3.18.a5 Fixed LQMQ show/hide keyboard hide/show MQ wheel.
v3.18.a5 Fixed connection layer native crash by updating the library with a fix, Fixed Greek display English in CQ1 edit. Shall display correct flag, and EQ.
v3.18.a4 Complete EOT badge separate to fragment, improved.
v3.18.a4 Separate MQ wheel as a single fragment, easy for improvements and fix Out of memory error, Fixed EOT null pointer exception.
v3.18.a4 Fixed Search for taken Qs don't work for Dashaund Dash, No Spanish MC from server MD reported fixed by display default English.
v3.18.a3 Fixed only 1st quiz displayed
v3.18.a2 LQMQ search MQ action, Progress MQ wheel scroll action. implemented QG W1 API
v3.18.a1 MQ wheel fixed displayed items angle make rotation smooth.
v3.18.a1 MQ wheel design, sort language with separator

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