3 million questions mark reached in time for 3.19 release

We can proudly announce that WOK just passed 3 million questions taken in the World of Knowledge! Just when we released the new 3.19 version in Google with enhanced Review and refreshed Personal Quizzes.

Congratulations to the community WOK at large, to the dedicated wokers in the front and to the team behind creating the apps, backend and the environment with content validation and tagging. Encouraging indeed. 

The new 3.19 version of WikiMaster app in Google Play
- has improved design for Review Questions after taken Quizzes, Challenges and Personal Quizzes. 
- renewed and enhanced section of Personal Quizzes in green (first 1.0 release)
- introduces a framework for Curriculums and Courses making it possible to prepare for national exams (alfa version)
- numerous minor fixes in backend, frontend and design 
Studio 20170921 131223
In Review, we have added four (4) buttons to get History of Question, Share, Graph view and Alert and easier way to add to Personal Quizzes.   

Logfile from Production Development: 

v3.19.a16 Added MQ creator nr of quizzes
v3.19.a16 MQ eot green theme.
v3.19.a16 Implemented MQ loading scren
v3.19.a16 separate spin wheel module, Handle laod more with sort AZ/ZA
v3.19.a15 MEN open>Open, setLookAndFeel green for MQ graph, ME quizzes, MQ RMQz, RMQ, TMQ, MQ loading.
v3.19.a15 ot land Egypt but on India
v3.19.a15 Fixed RQ To much white space under last tag.
v3.19.a15 MQ wheel enhanced scrolling previous,
v3.19.a14 Enhanced MQ wheel order AZ/ZA next previous
v3.19.a14 MQ with 3SH completed.
v3.19.a14 Fixed MQ 3SH when tab not selcted, Debug MEN open not open.
v3.19.a14 MQ creators add chat btn green.
v3.19.a14 MQ fixed creators, names green.
v3.19.a14 Implemented MQ 3SH popup options , Library Popup:,Category :,Creator popup: and Results popup.
v3.19.a14 Implemented MQ result toggle T1-T5.
v3.19.a14 MQ base UI fragment for Library/Result and separate UI fragment for each one.
v3.19.a14 MQ review update API to cert,
v3.19.a14 MQ fixed Library T1-T6.
v3.19.a13 Fixed MQ sorting
v3.19.a12 Fixed EQ search all/my question issue, search taken question not yet supported by server.
v3.19.a12 Fixed EQ/Scoreboard Circle in EQ left and right of pic under top Bar is missing. (Taken Questions and Created Questions )
v3.19.a12 MQ wheel shrank to fit large text.
v3.19.a12 Fixed Category MC&SC shall be scrollable to all in Alfabetic order.
v3.19.a12 EOT hide light rotate on stop animation,
v3.19.a12 Fixed Bmenu crash when update W1 name,
v3.19.a12 Fixed on restore Fmenu creash,
v3.19.a12 Fixed EOT flip tags crash some times,
v3.19.a12 Fixed wiki rand crash some cases,
v3.19.a12 Fixed settings goal crash,
v3.19.a12 Fixed MQ review crash on tab.
v3.19.a12 Blue text in name: Make green names fixed and fold/unfold green.
v3.19.a12 A. Order in Library- Random in Library is not default as expected.

v3.19.a11 Fixed MQ wheel reset position
v3.19.a11 Category: All MC shall swipe in alphabetic order: Now it seem to have 10 random MC.
v3.19.a11 Results: Show strange when toggle
v3.19.a11 WOK Position in artikel in RQz for MQ is 1/0 - > WOK position in Quiz would be the correct.
v3.19.a11 RQz in MQ: 33.0% in your score- > 33%, RQz in MQ: 0.0% in Average score- > 0%, Fixed same issue on RCH, W1,W2 and average.
v3.19.a11 MQ add Q to quiz, implemented list MQ created API2.7 cert published by AW,
v3.19.a11 EQ implemented MQ created API2.7 cert published by AW,
v3.19.a11 CQ1:You put the CQ1 W right of globe : Pls put W left of globe
v3.19.a11 Speding-> Spending

v3.19.a10 The W´blue W is Wikipedia symbol: Not correct: a. It shall swap place with globe and be the WOK W: b. It does not open the link to wokcraft.com/create
v3.19.a10 MEN. OPEN Awards button A. does not go to awards. Has a broken length of text

v3.19.a10 - Some issue of design in curriculum first version on a tablet. A1 > make wheels same size
v3.19.a10 > My idea was to have 5 countries only from the start in this USA, Great Britain, India, Sweden, Egypt
v3.19.a10 RQ hide blue vertical line right of tags/MQs
v3.19.a10 EQ added line separator between wiki common and history
v3.19.a10 Fixed Marina cant see the log in EQ,
v3.19.a9 release to alpha including curriculum implemented
v3.19.a9 Complete MQ wheel with animation, load more buffer
v3.19.a9 Fixed chat Emoji install provide crash,
v3.19.a9 In CQ1, we have globe and country flag. If English, just show globe If German or Swedish etc, just show the flag, no globe.Left of globe/ flag, show W in blue on white and link to guidelines at www.wokcraft.com/create , hence we give advice on how to write good inside app.
v3.19.a9 MQ add First-time popup shall not show if quizzes been created,
v3.19.a9 RQ share question sharted as in Twitter share for FB and other,
v3.19.a9 RQ: The Share/ heart exchange and Graph symbol/ Share symbol to be fixed in a9,
v3.19.a9 MQ wheel fixed pointer per animation.
v3.19.a9 RQ Fixed QG W1 wb missing.
v3.19.a8 Progress on improving MQ wheel rotation.

v3.19.a8 Implemented toggle on MQ Library > swipe toggling (Libray,Subject,Popular) to 3SH
v3.19.a8 Updated EQ search quiz Api2.7 cert,
v3.19.a8 Fixed Language of UI not same with settings issue.
v3.19.a8 Me in Home 3SH has Challenge white on Green and Personal quiz green on white. Swap this colors pls.
v3.19.a8 when graph clic, remove tags. In tablet,log show log and remove the tags. unfold show tags

v3.19.a8 MQ wheel improved rotating > Extended new rotating layout to improve rotation (fortune wheel-like)
v3.19.a8 Improved profile circular layout, will fix GP crash reports.
v3.19.a8 Implemented MQs RQ/RQCH
v3.19.a8 Fixed Challenge bar after update dependances,
v3.19.a8 Update Dependences.
v3.19.a8 Updated MQ search/add Q to MQ APIs to A2.7 cert,

v3.19.a7 Fixed graph x-value to be displayed,
v3.19.a7 Add to quiz first-time popup
v3.19.a7 Fixed RQ date size larger than other,
v3.19.a7 RQ implemented display yellow quizzes after add question to quiz and back.
v3.19.a7 RQ fixed tag&mq scroller height
v3.19.a7 enhanced json mapper for EQ
v3.19.a7 Implemented EQ landscape graph
v3.19.a7 Fixed RQ design issues
v3.19.a7 MQ Swedish tabs, RQ fix indentation issue,

v3.19.a6 Overlap in MQ selector.
v3.19.a6 EQ fixed If open in Q1, and then scroll down to Q2, Q1 has nothing to do with it. Now Q2 is open as Q1 in log or graph
v3.19.a6 EQ fixed EQ logfile open in 2 steps first wiki pics, then history on 2nd clic
v3.19.a6 EQ fixed Nr of WOKers taken in EQ shall be on baseline
v3.19.a6 MQ creator toggle
v3.19.a6 implemented MQ creators new filters
v3.19.a6 Implemented wheel all, unclassified
v3.19.a6 Fixed RQ history date format to medium
v3.19.a6 Implemented graph landscape. 

v3.19.a5 MQ implemented creators with toggling filters T1,T2,T3 > implemented by server-side,
v3.19.a5 Add tag shall open keyboard directly
v3.19.a5 Fixed MQ wheel shall be smaller in small device son its not overlapping
v3.19.a5 Complete MQ search category > Apply search result on the wheel after search., b. Make SC wheel on top when sc selected. c. Display result under SC if sc, full screen result if MC selected.

RQ: v3.19.a4
- Add to Quiz is not implemented as in design and yesterday list of issues
- Alert: Question History in popup go to EQ without open the log: It shall go to Log in RQ
- In RQz the symbols Challenge and Share is good size: Use this size for the buttons in RQ (reduce buttons size): ( I watched in Tablet Samsung 710)
- Grey Line between pic info and Question info missing
- fold/ unfold symbol shall be central to the first line of tags. now its a few pixels to low (good size of button)
- Clic on graph when open shall make full-screen landscape of graph and same when you tilt device

v3.19.a3 Progress on MQ search category.
v3.19.a3 MQ update language btn with WOKer current language, and add action on the search icon on right to send refresh search.
v3.19.a3 Fixed issue may cause Language of UI different with settings language reported by EB.
v3.19.a3 Hold 3 sec in profile for questions taken instead of simple clic for not display to easy when percent is bad.
v3.19.a3 Share in Top Bar instead of Heart,
v3.19.a3 RQ lower design btn size shrank,
v3.19.a3 RQz open invite and back crash fixed,
v3.19.a3 EQ open extra show/hide alert btn

v3.19.a2 enhanced RQ lower design
v3.19.a2 RQ lower btn icons updated

v3.19.a1 Fixed MultiDexApplication crash,
v3.19.a1 Fixed EOT crash when getting badge fragment and exist.


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