Prepare for National Exams open up new horizons with WikiMaster

The latest version for WikiMaster 3.20 updates Personal Quizzes in design and functionality. Hold 3 seconds on Me tab to see our progress in this vital upgrade of WikiMaster for teachers and students. Among the cool functions added: Curriculum Tab makes the preparation for national exams in the Knowledge Network more easy and fun with WikiMaster with a spinning wheel. 

You find the new Curriculum Tab when clic Category Tab or hold 3 seconds on the Category Tab in Personal Quizzes 
Home/ Me tab/ Hold 3 seconds/ Choose Personal Quizzes / clic on Category tab/ Hold 3 S

**Summary of the WikiMaster 3.20

- Design enhancements in several devices for wheel in Category
- After taken Challenges, choosing new wokers to play is easier
- Personal Quizzes are now language separated from server
- Curriculum now display National Exam India tests

Notes from Production with programmer lingo
(MQ=Manuall Quizzes= Personal Quizzes: Quiz you create by selecting questions from the Wikipedia articles or add yourself and then send to wokers : 

v3.20 MQ toggle with search wheel show popup mc/sc
v3.20 Fixed TQ EOT repeated when open next review/graph,..etc and back.
v3.20 prepare to publish on production.
v3.20.a8 Fixed EOT - profile crash reported on GP.
v3.20.a8 implemented LQ f2 toggle enhance requested by EB
v3.20.a8 Fixed MQ wheel API called twice after switching between result to no result,
v3.20.a8 Fixed MQ curriculum all India filter by country_id not curriculum_id.
v3.20.a8 Implement MQ review challenge with Wx popup if many.
v3.20.a8 Implemented MQ swipe to invite action.
v3.20.a8 Fixed MQ wheel on failure reupdate data based on tab type curriculum/MC-SC.
v3.20.a8 Implemented start MQ CI from MEN,

v3.20.a8 Implemented MQ swipe to start quiz/challenge like normal LQ.
v3.20.a8 Fixed normal LQ swipe and click start challenge was start quiz,
v3.20.a8 Fixed MQ change tab with search text apply search according to current tab.
v3.20.a8 Improved MQ wheel library,
v3.20.a8 Fixed In Curriculum when left wheel shows empty the right wheel keep the last results.
v3.20.a8 Fixed When change Lang in Curriculum, the left wheel give MC.
v3.20.a8 Handled when MQ library fails with random change filter to A-Z and request server to display data,
v3.20.a8 Fixed MQ/Creators when unfolding review not working.
v3.20.a8 LQ f2 show keyboard with first toggle
v3.20.a8 Fixed When changing MC lang —> Only wheel is changed not MQ also,
v3.20.a8 Fixed MQ creator search API not working properly.

v3.20.a7 EOT separate 3 blue button.
v3.20.a7 Handled MQ category update language change MC/SC
v3.20.a7 MQ creator makes yellow circle fold/unfold action.
v3.20.a7 Fixed MQ RTL name small padding.
v3.20.a7 Fixed TMQ strange behavior happens rarely in TMQ > AQA happens again in the background
v3.20.a7 Improving MQ wheel pointer / wheel faster.
v3.20.a7 Fixed RMQCH not working.
v3.20.a7 Fixed Play CI from MEN.
v3.20.a7 Fixed open MQ Wx from MQRCH,
v3.20.a7 Fixed open MQ graph after ACA.

v3.20.16 Fixed MQ challenge H2H,

v3.20.a6 Complete TMQ challenge & ACA, Updated TNQ to A2.7, Fixed MQ curriculum with quizzes, Fixed MQ review green/blue when RCH or not.
v3.20.a6 Finished Language issue in MQ separate Eng/Ar/swe
v3.20.a6 Fixed MQ wheel curriculum right wheel same when moved to top, data below needs server accept new filter.
v3.20.a6 Fixed TMQ load more with buffer
v3.20.a6 updated TCH submit an answer.
v3.20.a6 NCH to start improved, NCH submits to A2.7, Fixed T700 MQ wheel text issue, MQ wheel no repeat for data on wheel pie, MQ wheel reset SC when click on MC item.
v3.20.a5 MQ start for EQ
v3.20.a5 Fixed EOT LOG issue.
v3.20.a5 Fixed MQ challenge but still need missing info from server.
v3.20.a4 Implemented MQ challenge.
v3.20.a4 Implemented invite MQ to the group.
v3.20.a4 Implemented Deeplink in RQ SCN= Server Control Navigation.
v3.20.a4 Fixed circle progress library.
v3.20.a4 Fixed MEN CI play/review issue.
v3.20.a3 Debug&reported Challenge sent by W2 in LQ (from MEN ) does not work in a2 : Blocker > first you can start next times > review graph.
v3.20.a3 you can NOT change TQ in MQ with a green alternative! It will NOT be changed.
v3.20.a3 Implemented MQ EOT ROG and LOG
v3.20.a3 Fixed circle progress formate when Arabic zero crash.
v3.20.a3 Fixed Landing wrong question count reported by AS.
v3.20.a3 Enhanced MQ spin wheel, Fixed TCH/TQ crash reported by AS.
v3.20.a1 Fixed tab 10inch MQ spin text overlap pie,
v3.20.a1 Load MQ MC if no pic,
v3.20.a1 Changed TMQ question, alts color theme to Green
v3.20.a1 Fixed MQ wheel spin radius ratio for all many screens.
v3.20.a1 Fixed MQ loading progress

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