3.21 out with numerous issues improved

Some upgrades are just upgraded with the pure feel of making the app better. We cant count the waterdrops, but the result is like a more beautiful and smoother working fountain. This is one of them. 

We do have yet another update of WikiMaster out in Google Play with lots of issues fixed to improve the thrill of learning while having tons of fun. 
We have made some functions easier like Challenge Invite. We fixed an issue with Swedish menu appeared for no reason. And lots of improvements in Personal Quizzes. And more content in National Exam preparations. No Majors. But a better app. So we leave you with this. 

From the Production Notes lingo: 
v3.21.a7 Implemented update available popup when new update is available on GP.
v3.21.a7 Implemented CI random NQ/MQ
v3.21 to alpha CI random enhanced, LQ me toggle to MQ.
v3.21.a6 EOT btns padding fix.
v3.21.a5 Fixed EOT boom btns was not display after 10sec.
v3.21.a5 enhanced MQ EOT ROG/LOG.
v3.21.a4 Fixed get missing tag image from wikipedia with cache module integration.
v3.21.a4 LQ StaggeredGridLayoutManager crash handled.
v3.21.a4 updated fb dependancy
v3.21.a3 Fixed LQ item sorting bug from v3.21.a2, Fixed Server can't be reached when play W2.
v3.21.a3 fixed Q image cut on RQ.
v3.21.a3 Fixed Halfcircle still small cut in Samsung S2
v3.21.a2 In LQ when hold on “Latest” for 3 sec and select any option ——> No action happens
v3.21.a2 Apply workaround > TM110 (Small Tablet Samsung) - Color in Country/ NLI is same as MC/SC
v3.21.a2 IN Review Quiz : EQ: You shall see the checkmark of the answer you gave : Not visible to see this
v3.21.a2 Design cut in Samsung S2 in lower part of half-circle.
v3.21.a2 Implemented Linking system for RQs from TQ/TCH/TMQ/TMQCH.
v3.21.a2 In landing when opening app, the upper images (Library with books) disappear.
v3.21.a1 MQ EOT w for take next MQ.
v3.21.a1 Fixed signup avatar updated as W1 pic.
v3.21.a1 LQ F2 toggle enhanced,
v3.21.a1 Enhanced fetch more question on TMQ/MQCH
v3.21.a1 Improved TQ/TCH/TMQ/TMQCH module
v3.21.a1 If all challenge played in a MQ, Take MQ.is the option to repeating. Not random TCh.
v3.21.a1 Fixed TQ timeout issue.
v3.21.a1 Implemented MQCH load challenge questions with pagination.
v3.21.a1 Implemented review with pagination module, handled load more review Qs with buffer in background Fixed issue of MQ challenge review, not all question displayed,
v3.21.a1 Fixed Swedish menu issue where local language switched to during no action from W1

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