400000 Questions mark reached in WOK database

The WOK Community is growing in numbers of WOKers joining in. Playing challenges. Taking Quizzes. And Creating Questions. 400000 questions in the database was a goal we had hoped to reach before the end of 2017. We succeeded on Dec 25! 

Apart from the good inflow of newly created questions made by the Community WOK also have acquired Multiple Choice Questions by professional Pub Quiz Producers perfect in fit for the Community. During the last two weeks of 2017, we engaged a truly focus in indexing a batch of fresh new questions we had acquired in many fields and subjects. Science, History, and Sports in particular but also general knowledge spread out in all Main Categories. We are proud to have achieved the goal to index at least three articles in each of the 22000 new questions we imported to the WOK database and indexed to WikiMaster in December to reach the 400000 landmark. Sucess! 

In Sport, we now have over 75000 Questions!
In Science, we have now 5835. 800 more than in November. 
Chemistry has risen to over 1000 of which 727 with an image we have placed in SAT Subject Test in Chemistry article. Perfect for prepare this SAT test by The College Board. (SAT IIs) 
History of Japan and History of Latin America had around 40 questions each earlier this fall and has now over 800 MPQs each. 
The Animal Wiki has 3641.

The most popular Wikipedia article Human Body has got over 500 new MCQ in December to reach 2355 to enjoy for all people who download WikiMaster and join the Knowledge Network. 

 The list goes on and on. WikiMaster is the Nr 1 place for finding questions on any subject, large or granular. Not only do we and the community import and index the questions to relevant articles in Wikipedia. 
We add interesting images to illustrate the Questions as well. In December we added over 12000 images to reach 128566 Questions with images. Our goal was set to reach 120000 MPQ with an image before 2018. 

So we are super happy with the pace of progress since WikiMaster in particular and WOK in general is getting better and better and more useful to use for each day. As a tool for educational purposes as well as a fun Quiz app to play to enjoy the knowledge. 
Enjoy the WikiMaster app for your own purpose! 

The 3.24 version released in Google Play on Dec 31 had many minor but nevertheless, relevant fixes made last 2 weeks since 3.23: 
From the Production log : 
v3.24.a5 Fixed an issue when alts more than 4 EQ doesn't display alts on CQ1, improved EQ display tags ignore parse tags between different models.
v3.24.a5 RQ Lightbulb Reduce font size to same as a question on Extra info, Shall review correct answer while display extra info.
v3.24.a5 Fixed Challenges.still blue eye and no comparison possible to see the challenges, when and what in RQz
v3.24.a5 Start MQ if not taken, Go to Review if Taken
v3.24.a5 progress GIW modules
v3.24.a4 Fixed RQ in MQ, a clic on MQ shall go to MQI before start, show Creator filtered by MQ owner,
v3.24.a3 enhanced start fragment without creating a new activity,
v3.24.a3 Fixed issue #163 RQ/RQCH The lower button needs some fixing in items position
v3.24.a3 Fixed issue #161 Comment with emoji disappears when reviewing the Qs
v3.24.a3 Fixed issue #162 In Arabic: the play icon must be reversed
v3.24.a3 Fixed issue #160 RQ log history explanation icon,
v3.24.a3 Fixed issue #159 Created a Qs from EQ and after finishing it and click done ---> It goes to EQ with some issues
v3.24.a3 Fixed Wikipedia nav next/back position with ar,
v3.24.a3 Handled EQ update image/category tag on log with server updates, make same in RQ log.
v3.24.a3 Handled EQ log history add remove tag locally without request server update,
v3.24.a2 Implemented EQ log chat feature. v3.24.a2 enhanced popup dialog
v3.24.a1 Fixed CQ5 crash when Q without explanation.
v3.24.a1 Now Open MQ. Shall go to MQI first (with the back option to go back to EQ) to read more before the start.
v3.24.a1 EQ log upgraded A2.7, msg created on client side,

WM Ad47 En what if there was small 170820

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