WikiMaster 3.26 improves the magnification of images

WikiMaster 3.26 version is a quicker update of 3.25 . It improves the new function for using the app without registration. It has improved the Study Mode functionality browsing Wikipedia for reading before quizzes. It also has improved the magnification of all the Wikimedia Commons images used in the app.

And as always; Small important design improvements and minor bugs addressed for a smoother use of the Wikipedia with fun added on top with quizzes.

On the content side, we have crowned the Nigeria WikiMasters after a National Quiz Contest. We have added weekly quizzes for the latest in Current Events making the app more update than ever.

Check out the News Quiz about the week every Sunday for keep track of whats going on in 2018. remember; The brain is quicker than Google. Fill it with facts! And what better app do you find than WikiMaster in learning and using the source you already use for all learning anyway; Wikipedia? 

How to see the images magnified? Clic or hold 3 seconds. 

Q Add Image

We have implemented Wikicommon license popup more extensively in this version: (see FAQ 93 for more details
1. Search to a a d tag as 3SH on wiki image result.
2. ME Quizzes 3SH
3. WhTQ. 3SH
4. H2H, Me vs Average 3SH
5. EQ/MQ 3SH.
6. Pending Challenges 3SH.
7. Add image to question on 3SH to check license when adding to question.
8. Challenge ME,
9. WhTQ MQ with MQ that has a wikicommon image.

Q Add Image Q Add Image

We also have enhanced the Study mode in a Wiki. When you swipe up and read, the Take Quiz, Create Question and Footer menu disappears. This enhances the reading experience and learning. To get the menus back: Swipe down and the menus and buttons will come back.

This feature is added to the 3.26. Hope you like it. 

Some other fixed issues in 3.26:
Fixed Challenge No pending popup cancel exit pending,
Fixed Challenge Me to list empty.

From the production Notes: 
v3.26.a7 Fixed CQ1 change language issue reported by EB.
v3.26.a6 Fixed Crash report. Can't open Log in EQ as SW.
v3.26.a6 Fixed Toggle Home., 5th shall be history. Now wokers repeat
v3.26.a6 Fixed When searching here in MQI, you release and go to Latest and show.
v3.26.a6 Implemented -Take Quiz click on pic pop-up with wiki commons.
v3.26.a6 Fixed -Search in MQ shall show all. Nor just first 10. Example News.
v3.26.a6 Improve wiki common license, handled when no link for license read more about the license on Wikipedia.
v3.26.a5 handled study mode on landing.
v3.26.a5 implemented Today wiki landing without Fmenu, wikiFooter(playBtn, CQbtn), with top bar title study mode & H icon to show History small list with question count.
v3.26.a5 implemented wikicommon link redirect to license info inside WMA app.
v3.26.a5 Fixed Study mode design issue, Fixed MQ update icon issue.
v3.26.a5 Implemented MQ tags to update MQ icon.
v3.26.a5 Implemented firebase analytics for fragments screens inside activities.
v3.26.a4 Enhanced firebase analytics log event handler.
v3.26.a4 Enhanced Wikicommon popup.
v3.26.a4 Fixed Only when the first app landing as study mode open Today article but back from Fmenu home as normal LQ.
v3.26.a3 Implemented MQ update icon, MC in MQ info.
v3.26.a3 Handled history/notes icon, Handled awards as an internal directory.
v3.26.a3 Progress on H icon for history and N for notes.
v3.26.a3 Fixed S2 burry issue=> Needs Eb validation.
v3.26.a3 Implemented Get W1 location as Nearby but at login and sent to server GPS coordinate, and handled runtime permission,
v3.26.a3 Handled FB signup flag to show welcome screens only when new WOker.
v3.26.a3 Nearby Fixed API Key with google console, Handled Location runtime permission for Android v6.0+, Fixed nearby model JSON parse issue.
v3.26.a3 Fixed chat duplication issue.
v3.26.a3 Handled awards on the server side and remove awards on client side => reduce app size.
v3.26.a3 add history translation for Arabic and Sweden.
v3.26.a3 Remove un-used code/library/
v3.26.a2 Fixed 800+dpi blurry issue, large-xxxhdi.
v3.26.a2 Handled camera runtime permission and handled FileProvider for android v6+.
v3.26.a2 Implemented in EQ: Add image as in RQ button for consistency and click on existing image would popup creator as Wikimedia commons demand.
v3.26.a2 Handled set W1 country id and continent id to the server with login signup FB login and NW signup. 1. From Facebook when FB login. when no location object returned from FB check next options.2. SIM country code. 3. 3G country code.4. Device locale country code.
v3.26.a1 handled country & continent id with login FB login and signup NW signup
v3.26.a1 handled camera runtime permission

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