Google Login introduced in WikiMaster 3.27

Now you can log in with your Google Account to WikiMaster. When you join the WOK Network, you can signup by Facebook, Google or create an account with email. 

As you would expect, you can log in to different devices to the same account. The email address is the main key, no matter if you log in to Facebook, Google or email. We have also made a lot of issues fixed since the last update of the app.

Among the news is the ability to view if a WOKer is online and when he or she last was playing in Profile.

WM profile online 180304b closeup 180305


You can also more easily search for a tag (=wiki) in the Review mode when you add to a Quiz or like to repeat. In the backend, we have fixed some major smaller bugs like chat number disappear when viewed. Not a major update but as always, it's the small step that makes the progress and feels for the app. 

We also will announce the recounting of WOKbits giving lower WOKbits when you repeat the same question in the same Wikipedia article. This will give a more fair play feeling when you play with someone who takes the questions for the first time. The nominator for calculating will be the number of repeats so 50% off for the 2nd time a question is taken, 33% when the same question is taken for the third time and so on. Some active WOKers will have the number of WOKbits recalculated so its possible to get more even with studying the articles more than just take a chance when answer. 

 This has caused the 

Notes from the production team in nerd lingo: 

v3.27 Fixed LQ me activity challenges keep duplicated tag as it represents quizzes inside tag.
v3.27 Debug TMQ freeze issue.
v3.27 Fixed LQ me activity challenges keep duplicated tag as it represents quizzes inside tag.
v3.27.a5 Enhanced TQ/TCH cache image on start on load from cache while playing
v3.27.a5 Enhanced TCH/TQ first question without animation from right to left,
v3.27.a5 Enhanced TCH bar delay issue waits for server response Only when correct answer.
v3.27.a5 Fixed cache Wiki image crash.
v3.27.a5 Enhanced TCH bar delay issue, It seems more smooth and faster.
v3.27.a5 Fixed globe update language not working neither LQ home nor settings, NOT reported by Tester.
v3.27.a5 Fixed settings update crash reported by SS.
v3.27.a5 Handled runtime permission when WOKer denies asking again after sometimes 10 actions between each ask.
v3.27.a5 Fixed app closed after login reported by SS its location runtime permission issue Fixed, and enhanced toast msg with an explanation when W1 deny permission.
v3.27.a5 Fixed snap with chat issue and the update to A2.7
v3.27.a5 enhanced deep link to WOK apps with Uri builder.
v3.27.a4 Enhanced question alert manager on connection layer will affect all WOK apps, add comment/reason optional text field area,
v3.27.a4 Handled LQ toggle.
v3.27.a4 Fixed NW empty names with anonymous.
v3.27.a4 Implemented Profile last login on 3 row.
v3.27.a4 Fixed authentication bug on connection layer,
v3.27.a4 Fixed open history from study mode can back to study mode focus.
v3.27.a3 EQ search tag EB asked to open search tag for all Wx,
v3.27.a3 EQ chat icon for add Q comment EB asked to be available for all Wx,
v3.27.a3 Fixed EQ update question image issue, Reported by SS.
v3.27.a3 WwTQ TQ with 3SH popup options,
v3.27.a3 Fixed challenge loading freeze issue, enhanced challenge bar.
v3.27.a3 handled challenge WB bar.
v3.27.a3 Handled receive msgs from another WOK apps with NW join module.
v3.27.a3 Handled MQI deep link,
v3.27.a3 Handled MEM open MQI deep link,
v3.27.a3 Handled Wikipedia not displayed on some devices,
v3.27.a3 Handled If no Questions in Wiki. Grey button and no action rather than start and discover no Questions from server
v3.27.a3 Implemented LOG in MQ shall go to MQI and not start MQ directly.
v3.27.a3 Fixed profile bottom left icon Bad design. The circle shall stay in place be in the center.
v3.27.a2 Fixed LQ toggling issue.
v3.27.a2 Fixed EOT LOG clicks wiki article 0 and keeps loading.
v3.27.a2 Fixed issue when NW and device do not have GP installed,
v3.27.a2 Handled NW invites show NW popup without a move to invite screen.
v3.27.a2 Improved Login screen btn and google sign in btn.
v3.27.a2 Handled when activity killed or fragment not added to this activity,
v3.27.a2 Implemented profile green online circle,
v3.27.a2 Fixed saving google id identity on connection layer,
v3.27.a2 Fixed Google login request new token issue, handled the store of google id on local db.
v3.27.a1 Implemented EQ tag search, Implement SubmissionToken with quiz and challenge.
v3.27.a1 Handled google login from cached user info,
v3.27.a1 Handled google login token expiration and log out.
v3.27.a1 Enhanced Google login API implementation.
v3.27.a1 Implemented question count new API.
v3.27.a1 Implemented Google login from the client side.
v3.27.a1 Fixed Wikipedia review btn crash, Fixed wikicommon license link missing protocol.
v3.27.a1 Fixed load wiki tag images 1st and last was Wikipedia logs reported by EB, fix on connection layer.
v3.27.a1 Fixed NW tutorial popup RTL wrong align.
v3.27.a1 Fixed NW person popup RTL wrong align.
v3.27.a1 Fixed GP crash on handle HD image and notify awards downloaded,

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