Enhancement in WikiMaster on International Women Day March 8

Ahead of the International Women Day on March 8  Wikipedia had launched a great project called WikiGap. WOK as being the cousin of Wikipedia wanted to support and enlarge the content of questions (MCQ) related to female role models and set our target to our smaller community to create at least 200 new questions related to feminism and female related wikis and topics during the week 10. The result was great: over 275 newly created questions were made and they all were of high quality. 

In the wiki article of List of Women´s first the WOK community had zero questions at the start of the project and after March 8, we had 167 new great questions added. A few of the questions were old questions being tagged into this wiki, but the vast majority were newly written. In the Feminism article, we had about 12 questions at the start and ended up to a heftier 71. 

Of course, we have a lot more to do in this area of equality the other 51 weeks of the year, but the focus we sat paid off and we thank our growing community, especially our WOK Group in Nigeria to be a part of this project. 


Screenshot 20180313 115549
167 multiple choice questions on the Wikipedia article List of Women´s First is now available in WikiMaster. More questions are added by the wokers ongoing. 

WM ad81 En indian young woman smile with mobile 600 171207

When you empower women with education, society wins on every level.  

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