Honey, I shrank the WikiMaster

In the 3.28 version have made the app GDPR compliant, making it even more possible to leave once you have signed up in case you would lose confidence as recent weeks shown on other social media. And perhaps most important: we shrank app size 38Mb->28Mb. 

We released version 3.28 in Google Play on March 26, 2018. This version improves the experience for newly arrived wokers who have the option to use WikiMaster as Non-register wokers for the pure notion of 100% anonymity. A lot better feel for the soon-to-be-wokers we can promise. We made it both easier to use WikiMaster without being a registered woker and also made it easier to leave the app once you (theoretically we hope!) want to leave WOK as a registered member. We have as always also solved numerous of minor issues discovered on the go as you can read in detail in our log below. We are proud of this version and hope the shrinking of the size of the app makes it even more worth to download (27,69 Mb). Enjoy the free knowledge in WikiMaster and Wikipedia. 

Account Settings in WikiMaster GDPR compliant
Account Settings improved in 3.28 version of WikiMaster. Deactivate your account or Delete it in full is now an option more clear than before. 


From the Production notes:

v3.28.1 Fixed Add tag/image not working UI issue related to startAcitivitForResult from conext not fragment.
v3.28.1 Fixed when online profile show last login Online.
v3.28.1 Fixed Search Wikipedia works bad. In Footer2.

v3.28.a8 Enhanced Account setting design. For GDPR compliancy.

v3.28.a8 Fixed History in Home - wiki - Back still unsolved, a Fixed collision between onActivityResult for fragment and activity.
History SYmbol in WikiMaster
v3.28.a8 Handled NW server failure with a device already registered, you need to login to connect with WOK action to the login screen.
v3.28.a8 Debug TQ random question.
v3.28.a8 Fixed EOT calling tag users while NW mode > prevent.
v3.28.a8 Fixed splash handle store permission, Fixed translation text error.
v3.28.a7 Implemented account settings on edit profile more page.
v3.28.a7 Added translation for Nr1 Arabic/Swedish, and help page localization.
v3.28.a7 Fixed Splash crash reported by AS.
v3.28.a7 Enhanced login logo padding
v3.28.a7 Fixed NW pointer msg overlap logo when 3 lines.
v3.28.a7 Fixed Login screen white W logo cut from top.
v3.28.a7 Handled NW random pointer guy with different 6 msgs.
v3.28.a7 Added news msgs for NW RP mock popup, Fixed settings to A3 not C2.
v3.28.a6 Enhanced help for small screens,
v3.28.a6 Fixed NW corrects FD assigned with each not allowed function.
v3.28.a6 Fixed updated question image reported by SS, Nr1 popup design enhanced,
v3.28.a6 Fixed Help/Nr1 pointer loading while ensuring image completely loaded.
v3.28.a6 Fixed Help bottom text display and adjusted height.
v3.28.a6 NW master FD popup handled width shrank when RTL, fixed with min-width.
v3.28.a6 translated NW LD popup to ar.
v3.28.a6 Enhanced NW LD to be shown after each NW login.
v3.28.a6 Fixed help/NW FD with RTL.
v3.28.a6 Handled On-Boarding 4 pic after signup fetches on background service once cache, then shows Onboarding 4 pics.
v3.28.a6 Handled Google play services not available or need to be updated when Google login/signup.
v3.28.a6 Keep onboarding 4 screens after first login signup and make help 20 pic on help instructions.
v3.28.a5 Complete NW tutorials FD help, Remove Old Onboarding screens.
v3.28.a5 Fixed open WMA from another WOK app when NONE/NW login crash, Reported by AS.
v3.28.a5 Update dependances, Fixed LQ history same design not small.
v3.28.a5 Handled Join WOKer choose to cancel
v3.28.a5 Handled NW popup LD once after login & with top W icon click action, SPU Once per overall after not allowed function clicked, T1-T2 with FD & RP overall functions.
v3.28.a5 changed anonymous on the client side to NONE WOKer level, Handled Join path changed.
v3.28.a5 Handled NW join when already has an account, popup.
v3.28.a4 Improve login version/Q count center.
v3.28.a4 Handled signup when focus re-password show signup btn.
v3.28.a4 signup btn green on white GO.
v3.28.a4 Enhanced LQ latest toggle and popup.
v3.28.a4 Handled NW Join signup when email already exists show server msg with btn action login redirect WOKer to log in and with email typing.
v3.28.a4 Handled NW Join FB and Google failure popup.
v3.28.a4 Implemented NW joins by FB and Google.
v3.28.a4 Implemented update WOKer country IP when a failure by device,
v3.28.a4 Enhanced NW Nr1 popup avatar and check location and differentiate ar,in,af and eu.
v3.28.a4 Fixed NW Nr1 pointer mock bad design text overlap WikiMaster logo
v3.28.a4 Implemented Wikipedia mode on the login screen.
v3.28.a4 Fixed TQ random next ran crash.
v3.28.a3 Implemented NW Nr1 pointer mock pics.
v3.28.a3 Handled NW joins account on login/signup screen.
v3.28.a3 enhanced profile when anonymous when W1 Wikimaster W2 anonymous, Fixed splash crash, handled login new design, added signup fb, google signup btns and handled join NW merge API,
v3.28.a3 Bmenu text Help FAQ - > Help,
v3.28.a3 implemented LS1 logo SVG to vector drawable,
v3.28.a3 Finished NW login design enhancements,
v3.28.a3 TQ random implementation on the client side.
v3.28.a3 Fixed NW join issue reported by EB.
v3.28.a3 Fixed splash crash,
v3.28.a2 Fixed MQ EOT GO back bad design
v3.28.a2 Improved display wiki images ignore wiki logos, debug CQ2->CQ3 not the bug here
v3.28.a2 LQMQ change language keep current focus.
v3.28.a2 Handled change LQMQ language for UI/quiz languages.
v3.28.a2 Fixed LQ/LQMQ btn round RTL issue, Enhanced auto group check.
v3.28.a2 Fixed RQ/RMQ incorrect btn does not work
v3.28.a2 Fixed Wikipedia when license file hides tag info view,
v3.28.a1 enhanced wiki image and wiki search
v3.28.a1 enhanced show wiki images to pick an image for question or quiz as a module on core library to enhance on a single place, NW enhanced stop sending user mail with NW reqister process to fix GP voilation issue.
v3.28.a1 deprecate country name from profile response and just use the address from the server if no address get the country name by ID locally,
v3.28.a1 Enhanced runtime location permission show popup with PermissionRationale explanation before showing native permission request alert,

Download WikiMaster today. It's free to download. Its free to use without registration. Its Free to use with registration. It has no ads. Its an upgrade of Wikipedia. Made by WOK. Wikipedia does not support nor reject WOK efforts. 


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