AppStore version gets an 2.32 update with magnification and Account Settings update

Version 2.32 of WikiMaster in AppStore released. Update on Delete Account and Image magnification. 

"The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again" Charles Dickens Hi iPhone and iPad Wokers!

We have been off for a while in updates on iOS platform in AppStore. Now we have fixed some issues in need of our attention after some time idle. In the meantime, we have passed 500000 downloads overall for WikiMaster. Some of the functionality we planned for 2018 developed is ahead in our other platform of smartphone devices. But we will follow up with them on iPhone soon. This update addresses the delete account issue ahead of the GDPR rules in EU later this May.


**News in 2.32

- Delete account upgraded to be more clear from Settings / More according to some of the requirements in GDPR.
- 3 seconds hold on images magnify the image larger and display the Wikimedia Creative Commons file name.
Enlargement of the image helps the learning process using the images to be more visible and descriptive before, during and after quizzes.
- Start button in Personal Quizzes Description now has Start in the name.

We hope to have Google Login working in the next version shortly as well as other minor and major bug fixes. Stay tuned. Thanks for the download and enjoying Wikipedia with WikiMaster.

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WikiMaster link in AppStore:

WikiMaster in Google Play


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