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Progress in app development is a long path of iterations and testing. Sometimes things developed feels like they should have been invented from the beginning. The Notes function introduced in WikiMaster 3.30 is such a functionality. It's very simple. And yet very strong. 

Notes are text marked and copied saved in a list. You can mark a part of a Wikipedia article and edit this piece of text best of efforts. For your study purpose. For creating questions in WikiMaster used in the WOK ecosystem of quiz apps. Or for collecting information for any use later. You can export the Notes one by one, selected or in a group to any other application. It can be used to save Aha-moments or use as Favorite articles. Perhaps you are a Wikimedian and wants to check facts or validate an article for later use. The usefulness of Notes is endless. Its like have an Evernote function inside Wikipedia. Grab a piece of information or a group of information pieces and mold it into another dimension. Enjoy the function!

Next step: We will develop Notes further with an Offline functionality and Server sync from more devices being able to read Favorites articles offline. 

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Notes will in the next update work on all your Android devices and later also on iOS. Like Evernote synchronization.

Please read more about Notes in our FAQ 92: 

Of course, apart from introducing Notes, we have trimmed the app in many minor but important steps also. 
Production team bullet of tasks done since the last version as follows: 

v3.30.a8 Notes edit mode highlight text with golden yellow.
v3.30.a8 Notes when swipe right and click edit open edit mode with softkey shown.
v3.30.a8 Fixed When Create a Q from a Note: The W shall bring up article. Now its the Main Article showing.
v3.30.a8 Swipe to Edit / or click Pen to edit should leave a marker at the end of the text box. Now leave in Search Notes.
v3.30.a8 EQ question history sort by date, not id not in sequence
v3.30.a7 Fixed List my Quizzes blue person symbol should be the Grey to make consistency through app.
v3.30.a7 In EQ  Fixed Search for tags shall not clean results when unfold. 1/3 of screen is occupied in small screens when working on tagging and illustrate.

v3.30.a7 Fix Q history issue of ordering.
v3.30.a7 Notes edit btn focusable animation added.
v3.30.a7 fixed still a popup when Notes symbol is clicked in Top Bar despite having saved Notes
v3.30.a7 Notes delete confirmation popup.
v3.30.a7 Notes edit mode show/hide softkey with pen edit action, Update last update when change made.
v3.30.a7 Notes edit mode show softkey hide/show Note icon,name last edit.
v3.30.a7 Text shall start at top of the grey box and not center.
v3.30.a7 Notes edit mode keyboard icon for hide.
v3.30.a7 Fixed notes bad characters.
v3.30.a6 Fixed question history user object parse issue
v3.30.a6 Fixed Tag wokers avatar not displayed.
v3.30.a6 Fixed EQ clic MQ- > goto MQI, back go back to EQ now. Good. But the search field shall be empty if W1 decide to clic on tag. Now the MQ creator name is left in the search field

v3.30.a6 Fixed Note edit on small screen keyboard hide note box
v3.30.a6 Fixed notes edit mode search flip back to search result
v3.30.a6 Notes detail edit mode If text is long, scrollable inside.
v3.30.a6 Fixed Notes detail Small screen hide buttons.
v3.30.a6 Notes While in Full page Swipe right (and left to see next Notes in full without back and clicn on Notes
v3.30.a6 Fixed From Main Page Today's featured article : I go to Battle of the Cedars and mark a text there. It is saved as Main Page.
v3.30.a5 Wikipedia or CQ wiki when paste action keep don't override menu.
v3.30.a5 sort last updated note on top.
v3.30.a5 Long wiki name shall shrink to fit first line.
v3.30.a5 EQ/EOT open MQI one click for back.
v3.30.a5 Fixed EOT Take more from Wn (the creator of MQ), ROG: now go to library and display nothing (Erik Bolinder has many MQ but you need to go to Creator to see that) It search in Tab 1.
v3.30.a5 Fixed RQ Clic on incorrect: Add image makes tags from another Q.
v3.30.a5 handled Wikiarticle help webview error page.
v3.30.a5 Handle paste action when editable field.
v3.30.a5 Mark a text in cQ1 and Save Note when open W shall be possible
v3.30.a5 clic on headline of Wikipedia article in blue or image shall go to wiki in Notes, mark wiki article menu items,
v3.30.a4 Complete notes actions.

v3.30.a4 Bmenu "About WOK" changed to "Notes"
v3.30.a4 Complete notes store many per wikiarticle and list.

v3.30.a4 After update User interface to WOKerInterface and WOKerBaseInterface
v3.30.a3 Notes progress.
v3.30.a3 Fixed RQ chat log sorting issue
v3.30.a3 Fixed MEN tag name small.
v3.30.a2 Fixed RQ toggle all/incorrect/correct conflict issue.
v3.30.a2 MQI edit btn design enhanced.
v3.30.a2 MQI review btn when taken right of MQ name.
v3.30.a2 Fixed EQ plus btn overlap alert btn.
v3.30.a1 Implemented disable alert
v3.30.a1 Implemented delete wiki from Booklet.

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