WikiMaster Communities are gathering to Quiz-a-thons

WikiMaster is the Core of the Knowledge Network WOK. Wokers are playing in the app but also start to have meetups and quiz-a-thons. And meet soulmates and share the joy of playing together in real life. And to create questions together.  

In Nigeria,  The WikiMaster User Group have had a quiz-a-thon in July and more similar events are planned. Please contact us for more info if you want to join our growing Community and Host an event, quiz-a-thon, conference or include WikiMaster to be a part in your University Campus. We want to help to organize and host events with Wikipedia and WikiMaster and WikiFlip apps working to help students around the World. 

WM 10 female wokers WikiMaster Nigeria Lagos 180706

In Wikipedia, only 1.3% of the content is written by editors in Africa. An issue the WMF Executive manager Katherine Maher focus on for the Wikipedia Content. And overall only 15% of the articles on Wikipedia are created by females.

In WikiMaster Nigeria Community Group, we focus on the Gendergap when our Community creates questions to the Wikipedia articles and we have a majority of the new questions created in 2018 being made in Africa, by the Africans. In July 2018 over 10509 questions were made in WOK by the users, the wokers and over 6500of these questions were created after the quiz-a-thon event by the WikiMaster Nigeria Community. Also over 3000 Arabic questions were made by the Wikipedia Egypt WOK Group. 

Only in July, when our production team had a holiday and the app functionality was not extended: The database of MCQs had the privilege to be filled with 400 excellent Botany questions that will bring great knowledge in Biology for WikiMaster app and WikiFlip users. We also are happy to have 400 fantastic questions produced on History of India from an anonymous woker in the United Kingdom. Today over 162657 English Wikipedia articles have quizzes. 

 WikiMaster quizathon winner Nigeria 180818
Oluwafemi Daramola created over 2600 questions (!) in July during and after the Quiz-a-thon Event in Lagos and was again in Top Spot in a WikiMaster Event. He also won the WikiMaster Nigeria Contest in February! Congratulations! 

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