WikiMaster 2.36 for iPhone with great updates

Our new update on iPhone version of WikiMaster contains lots of small issues fixed but no major function update. 

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow"

Helen Keller

WikiMaster update 2.36 is welcomed to fix some issues in wait for attention. While we dig into the shadows of our code structure, you can enjoy the questions from the Community growing in numbers. At this update release, we now have passed 40000 questions in Arabic and a hefty amount of 435935 in total.
These questions are now covering 3% of Wikipedia content in English. 162K Wikipedia articles in English now have quizzes in WikiMaster. And our reviews in 86% of the Worlds mobile phones exceed Wikipedia Official app.

**News in 2.36
- Fixed Review questions from the Footer menu when updating the question and go back to see the changes.
- Language popup added Turkey language and flag indicator when large list to inform woker about more language to scroll
- Fixed Language text and added a Universal Arabic flag. 
- Implemented organization on settings for Companies.
- Question image now display when jpg from Wikimedia Commons in Review
- Search now working on created Personal Quizzes in Quiz Store.
- Design issues: Add an image, Selected Tag white on blue same; concept as the Android version
- Design issues: Fixed add image add padding for Tagview.
- When Add Image from EQ: load first tag images. Earlier you needed to click on a tag for the images to load.
- In Review Question after Take Quiz: Created Personal Quiz and added the Qs to it, and when left RQ and come back, the MQ was not created, now fixed with the updated API A2.7
- Implemented TQ/TCH Wikipedia common image popup.
- Implemented in Review a magnification and a CC4 info Wikipedia Common image popup as in Android version.
- At end of Take Challenge in app; app froze at certain old quizzes. Fixed.

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