WikiMaster Community celebrates 50000 Arabic questions Milestone

Wow! WikiMaster has now reached 50000 Arabic questions and 450000 questions overall thanks to the WOK Community creating, indexing and illustrating MCQs for all students in the World that want to excel in their studies. We are so thrilled to have reached these milestones during 2018. 

The 3.36 version of WikiMaster in Google Play and Play Store, released on Nov 29 celebrates the power of learning with Wikipedia as the schoolbook and play quiz challenges. During the time for the last update at the beginning of November over 3000 JAMB National Test Questions in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry have been added into WikiMaster so you can prepare for higher exam no matter country. 

WikiMaster and the WOK Community in Nigeria and elsewhere will be continuing the efforts to bring more MCQs from National Test in the app so students can more easily reach their goals for higher education. Our long-term goal is to have all National Exams available and connect them to the relevant Wikipedia articles so students can fill in their knowledge gaps and learn by reading and take quizzes. On all knowledge. 

For the Arabic Community in the MENA area, the questions in WOK has now passed 50000! This is a 250% increase since May 2018. This brings us stronger in areas like Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Saudia Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Tunisia, and Morocco. We are really happy with the efforts done by the Arabic Community and the win/ win for all involved. Inside and outside the Wikipedia Communities. 

Some details from our Production team since the last version 3.35->3.36

v3.36.a5 fix merge conflict
v3.36.a5 Nearby location enhanced and ConnectionLayer interfaces enhanced.
v3.36.a4 Handle update WOKer location
v3.36.a3 Fixed notes pagination of getting notes from the server.
v3.36.a3 Fixing update WOKer location crash on the background.
v3.36.a3 Fixed EOT boom menu crash
v3.36.a3 Fixed hide keyboard/softkey crash on core library
v3.36.a2 Fixed LQ booklet search hint search and other related issue fixed.
v3.36.a2 Make it possible to insert MQ info with creation.
v3.36.a2 Fixed MQ extra info when large display all text.
v3.36.a2 Fixed MQ info edit pen not displayed and make edit btn on the bottom of the screen to edit extra info and all MQ info name, MC and info language can be changed from flag icon if that possible.
v3.36.a2 Fixed make the text box larger if a text is longer than fit into 4 rows adding 5th and 6th.
v3.36.a1 Fixed Search curriculum is searching without result.
v3.36.a1 RCH > Link to MQI needed to be done for MQ and for normal tag open Wikipedia.
v3.36.a1 Added debug API logger when Debug version Only.
v3.36.a1 Fixed Notes not displayed sync issue.
v3.36.a1 change UserManager callback to lambda.
v3.36.a1 Fixed notes back to wiki top share btn not change back to create note icon.

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