WikiMaster softlaunches web version with quiz to Wikipedia in a browser for Students

WikiMaster has been the core app of the Knowledge Network WOK and has got great reviews and over 600000 downloads in Google Play and AppStore. WOK project now introduces a web version of WikiMaster where the WOKers can log in from a Computer, a Windows or Macintosh or Linux Desktop, Laptop or a Mobile without having the app WikiMaster. Just type in the address field of your favorite browser.

These 7 strokes are all you need and you have access to WikiMaster with some but not all features you are used to from the app version. 

So: The great news: Wikipedia got improved. Wikipedia in a Browser has now got 464000 multiple choice questions attached to the Wikipedia articles for the benefits of Students. Welcome to 

This solution was soft launched on January 15, 2019, on WikiMasters birthday. We have been working hard to improve the alfa version and are now in late beta (Mid Feb 2019). It works. It has its flaws. It is not completed. But it feels great! 

The advantages:

  • Any Wikipedia article now has a link that you can send to a friend or relate to with Quiz attached. 
  • (Say "WOK you know") is 7 strokes and shorter than 
  • You can use the quizzes with or without login as a registered user ("woker") 
  • It works in any Browser in Windows, Linux or Macintosh. 
  • If you use Wikipedia in schools where mobile phones are prohibited; you can now access all your knowledge and have access to Wikipedia in the same environment you are used to
  • All WOKbits are gathered at the same account so you can take Quizzes on or in the app and it saves the WOKbits to your account 
  • The four languages that have a large number of questions in the WOK database is open: English, Arabic, French and Swedish. 
  • You can click on any Wikipedia link within and stay within WOK and get access to the quizzes 
  • You can use the second best Wikipedia in the World with the grey or the new kid in town in Blue without any restrictions. 

The disadvantages compared to the WikiMaster app 

  • We have not completed all functionalities that are in the WikiMaster app in Google Play and AppStore. Yet. 
  • Wikipedia account and WOK accounts are two separate things. 
  • If you support the WOK project, it will be appreciated for Donations. We do this for the benefit for Wikipedia usefulness. We will, however, pivot this current situation in 2019. WikiMaster at will remain free. Free to use, free to enjoy for the benefit of knowledge. Access to Information with Wikipedia is now completed with Access to Knowledge with WOK. But without Wikipedia direct involvment and financial support.
  • Settings changes are still to be made in the app
  • Challenges are not yet done (Feb 11): Albeit Take Quiz works
  • Scoreboard, Chats, Add a tag, Create Question, Take Personal Quiz, Bookmarks and many other features missing. It is an MVP. More will come. Settings beta 190211
You can now log in to and enjoy WikiMaster by taking quizzes on all articles in four languages. But many functions are still only available in the app on Google Play and AppStore. Download in the Footer below. 

Welcome to the World of Knowledge. Welcome to WOK you know. 

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