The WikiMaster Founder Erik Bolinder awarded at a global EdTech Conference

The Founder of WikiMaster, Mr. Erik Bolinder was awarded the Top 100 Educational Leader Award at Global Forum for Education and Learning in Dubai on December 18, 2019. 

At the Prize Ceremony, Mr. Erik Bolinder made a Keynote about the WOK project, the history of e-learning, and the WikiMaster app-venture within the WOK project.  
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During the presentation, Mr. Erik Bolinder said that during 2020 he and his team will mainly focus on the company he founded in 1992, Klick Data, and during this year he brings the WikiMaster functionality into the Learning Management system KLMS in order for the WikiMaster to be available in schools. He also planned for a WikiMaster World Tour promoting the app starting in Tamil Nadu in January 

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