The WikiMaster Nigeria Contest 2018!

The WikiMaster Nigeria Contest 2018 Winner is Crowned! Congratulations to Oluwafemi Daramola who reached 1 million WOKbits in ONLY 3 days, 16 hrs and 9 min! 

The WikiMaster Contest Nigeria was a huge success! After a 3 Day Event in Lagos and a massive media coverage, the National Contest was started on February 1st: And then we had a winner that reached 1 million WOKbits! After only 317,376 seconds or translated into 3 days, 16 hours and 9 minutes the Winner reached the goal and the Contest was over. 


Result list ;
WM WikiMaster winner badge 180206

Winner and 1st Place: 
Oluwafemi Daramola: 1000047 WOKbits 

Ejiro Kporon: 939257 Wb
WM WikiMaster runner up 180208

Runner up in WikiMaster Nigeria 2018
WOK Founder Erik Bolinder with the Runner Up WikiMaster Nigeria 2018 Ejiro Kporo 

Third Place: 
Tolani Dada: 935985 Wb

IMG 20180129 232244
Third prize : Tolani Dada

4th Place: Oluwatoyin Obembe: 876733
5th: Ayokanmi Oyeyemi: 838722
6th: Cynthia Ubani: 236981 
7th: Marv Osuolale: 129964 
8th: Prathapkumar Prathapkumar: 58262
9th: Drishti Ahuja: 30321
10th: Olumide Bello: 16526

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Oluwafemi Daramola, WikiMaster Nigeria Contest Winner 2018

Interview with the Winner Oluwafemi Daramola

Congratulations to the win in WikiMaster Nigeria 2018! Tell me a bit more about you.
I am 20 years old and I study mechanical engineering at the Lagos State University.

Tell us the Event in Lagos where you encountered WikiMaster for the first time:  
The event was really a good one. It was well planned and we got the insight of the app

How would the app be useful for Nigerian Students? Why should they download and whats in it for them?
They would get a lot of information as the app is linked to Wikipedia. And they can also chat and meet new people... Learning is fun with Wikimaster.

That sounds terrific. Hope you will use the app after your win and recommend it to your friends. Good luck for rest of 2018! 
Thank you, Sir!

 We kindly ask all winers to mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for claiming the prize awards

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WikiMaster in Google Play / Play Store

FAQ Post Contest Reflections
1. Why was the Contest not over when I reached 1 million WOKbits in Scoreboard?
Some of the Contest Participants felt it was unclear in the Scoreboard of WOKbits earned. 
The Scoreboard did not show WOKbits earned from 1st of Feb but since the beginning of the time of overall WOKbits earned after registration. So this meant, some passed the 1 million mark with WOKbits earned earlier included and therefore the contest was still in play since earned WOKbits from Feb 1 00:00 GMT was not met. We contacted most contest participants in the chat in the app to tell about this. Some of you felt disappointed in this not reading the message, but we were very clear ion the rules and despite from us learning from this for next event: We are happy of the outcome with so many good WOKbits earned among the Nigerians. We thought it would take longer time and we were not prepared for the speed of only 3 days, 16 hours and 9 minutes before the Contest was over. 
This was WOK first Event held and the learning curve is steep in what worked well and what we can do better in the future. We are all beginners at one stage and we hope everybody joining the Nigeria Contest 2018 felt it was a great contest even if disappointed for not winning. 

2, The Contest Winner did repeat a lot of same questions and did not take many different questions in the WikiMaster: Was this not to be prevented?
The Contest rules were clear and the same rules applied to everyone. The Winner felt his WOKbits was perhaps more important than to learn more about the articles. This was not the intention but we see no reason to change the rules after the competition or to disqualify anyone for using the means to reach the goal. We will, however, learn from this experience as an organizer and prevent or limit the WOKbits earned in the future. The algorithm for WOKbits earned will be changed giving repeated questions in the same article fewer WOKbits over time and therefore force contestants to learn more from other Wikipedia Articles. We are doublechecking on all implications the change of formula will have in overall ecosystem of WOK since it affects all apps. The same question taken in different articles should not be affected in our opinion, nor in a Personal Quiz, nor in Quiz King app or in WikiFlip app. But the number of times taken will be the nominator in the formula for WOKbits earned on the same article. This is normal learning curve conclusions


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