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EB erikbolinder pic 72 140201Erik Bolinder, the founder of WOKcraft Inc explains the story behind the app WikiMaster. 

- In the end of 2009, I felt I had fulfilled my mission set out in 1992 when I started an elearning company to educate the swedes in computers by using the new technology. I felt an urge and need to see how all my efforts and experience in the elearning industry could benefit even more people on a global level. I was ready for the next step. I noticed as some many others had, including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, that education revolution was way behind the it-revolution that followed the invention of personal computers and the microprocessor in media, publishing, film and various other sectors. 
But I wanted to contribute and do something profoundly different. And made an impact. To change the game. It is long overdue. 

So the mindset was on to make the change. So I carved out all the important but still simple questions. 
How could we make it simpler to learn? By making it more fun.
How can we make it more fun? By make it more toward gamification. 
How could we transform the school system by making it more fun to learn?
How would we achieve fun? With involvement of creating knowledge just as much as playing.
What good examples were out there working that could be working jointly with the goals? Wikipedia. Facebook. Google. And some leading quiz apps.  
By putting something together that would achieve this we would reach the goal. 
Wikipedia + Quiz+ game = WikiMaster. 
Other apps in the World of Knowledge ecosystem have more social media with chat and social interaction. But WikiMaster is the clean app that is Wikipedia 2.0. Everything great about Wikipedia is to be kept and then just adding another fun layer on top would do it. 

And I began to ask myself: How would a global state of the art system look like if we started all over again creating the global school for the future? 
It would most likely be a mix of social media, elearning, Wikipedia and game. 
What is the 3 best things that Internet have given us humans after all these years?
I think my top 3 choices would be Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. (Except for the "large database of cute cat pictures" as John Oliver would put it ironically...)
So carving out something that would change the school system would in my mind most likely first of all be to get rid of the word "school" in all communication, because its a negative word for many people with "pressure" associated. Learning, knowledge, game and social media is not. 
So creating the best school in the world you have to use something that is already there in a different way. 
Then the most natural answer came in front of me: 
The next big thing online in the education sector would be to make quizzes into something very serious. With true Academic value.
So many apps have gained attention with huge numbers of downloads. but not had the effort to see behind the curve and put it into context. 

The app WikiMaster was born. 
It would simply get all the quizzes to Wikipedia. 

And my first out of many meetings with Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple on a Segwaypolo practice in Synnyvale in 2010 got me going: "What will stop me from doing this journey and materialize it? " 

Lets make the thing I admire most on Internet: Wikipedia better. By making quizzes related to it. 
The journey so far have been long and sometimes as always full of refreshing uphills and winds in the front of the face. 
But finding an extraordinary team after many trips got me going. 

Today we are so very proud of the app WikiMaster on Google Play for Android and for iPhone and iPad in iOS in AppStore. The app WikiMaster gives all humans the possibility to challenge yourself or friends in any subject on Wikipedia. 
It is measuring what is stuck in your head and when you don´t need Google. And its addictive to learn things. We all have tried it in the team and you can jump to anything and learn and take your WOKbits. And the WOKbits is universal throughout the WOK ecosystem of apps. So if you like WikiFlip or Quiz King better: You use this app instead. Its a sister app to WikiMaster. But it does not matter: Because its a social media for knowledge lovers. WikiMaster is the intersection between fun and learning. Whatever you like to call it: We are proud and confident of our tagline "Join the Knowledge Network WOK".

Enjoy the infinity of learning by challenge yourself and friends in WikiMaster!
Erik Bolinder


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