Details for delays now more granular in Wiki Master 2.13

New update in WikiMaster app for iOS in AppStore released on June 24 in version 2.13. This update focus mainly the different granular levels of delays in WikiMaster.

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This update adress the different granular levels of delays in WikiMaster. When service is down or just slow response WOKers will be informed in a better way than before. We all react to 1s, 5s, 10s and 30s delays and like to be informed more in detail about the whereabouts in the app.

*News in 2.1.3
- Cache old downloaded views in order to better handle delays
- Facebook login for new WOKers will get the Facebook country and city in Scoreboard
- Review question 11 and up in quizzes with more than 10 questions issue solved.
- Interruption when gratified with WOKbit Coin after Quiz or Challenge taken now give you Go options rather than Review mode
- Minor changes in design

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